‘Danish saxist Jan Harbeck has put together a gorgeous set of bluesy standards, tangos and originals. Since the tracks are all unhurried – recorded live with no cuts or overdubs – the whole program slips down like a vintage port. Despite the familiarity of “Don’t Let the Sun…” and “Blues In the Night”, Harbeck’s originals fit the rundown like silk stockings, slowly unfurling.’ 4 of 5 stars — Michael Jackson, DownBeat Magazine, March 2015.


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Quotes from reviews

“Saxophonist Jan Harbeck must be one of the best within his style in the world today.”
– Jan Granlie, SaltPeanuts, Norway, 24/3 2017

”Given the right exposure, Live Jive Jungle can’t fail. The compositions are all by Harbeck who also blows gutsy tenor. Harbeck is an es (Danish for ace – tks Google) tenor player and the other guys are also es men. This is just so lovely.”
– Lance, July 28 2017, Bebop Spoken Here (UK)

“Harbeck expresses himself precisely and fluently with pushy frases, sensitive ornamentations and keening sounds. The great tone to know him by comes to the fore and is supported by the tempered soli and obligates by Madsen and Skovbakke. Quality is all along the line, catching enthusiasm and delicate details brings a great pleasure. Elevate shows in a straightforward way, that once you take the music seriously, it can finally become fun.”
– Jakob Hassing, June 2017, Jazz Special #156 (Denmark)

“A very succesful production and rich in variation. The musicians share a cool attitude in their close interplay – on a very high level.”
– Wolfgang Giese, 2/7 2017, MUSIK AN SICH (Germany)

“It’s pulsating metropolis jazz, where up-tempo beats raise both puls and mood. The unambiguous star is of course Jan Harbeck, who composed all the songs on the album. He has never disappointed and with Live Jive Jungle he adds a whole new chapter to his career.”
– Niels Overgård, 23/6/2017, JazzNyt (Denmark)

“Fascinating, up-to-date, laid-back and energetic. Harbeck’s songs, which he composed himself, could fit right into «The American Songbook». Elevate is an album which should bring Harbeck and his co-musicians out in the great world.”
– Jan Granlie, 4/4 2017, SaltPeaunuts (Norway)

“Merry and dirty”, “A total performance, that will touch the listeners.”
– Rolf Thomas, 8/6 2017, Jazzthing (Germany)

“You don’t need seat rows in a concert with Live Jive Jungle, because you cannot sit still to this music.”
– Frithjof Strauß, July 2017, Jazz Podium (Germany)

You feel every single played second that the musicians are having fun – by playing Boogaloo and swing and jive and blues. This joy of playing catches on to the listeners immediately.”
– Bak, Juni/Juli 2017, CONCERTO (Austria)